How did the surroundings look like 200 years ago?! 

I was the lucky one who got chosen by a science organisation to travel way back in time to experience how it looked like. They told me that I would be travelling in a time machine and I said to myself  ‘Is this really happening right now ? I thought it only happens in cartoons or movies .’ The moment I reached there and opened my eyes , I saw a whole new different world . Everything was so beautiful and magical . I captured the moment just to cherish it and ask myself ,’Why and how has the environment changed so much ?’ I could see so much greenery all around , water flowing between the trees whilst dancing and singing. Today’s world is just filled with pollution whether it be land , air or water. Earlier, people cared about their surroundings and valued it a lot . If i were given a chance to spend my life , I would definitely go back in time and never come back.

It is a lesson to be learnt but most of all ‘AN ENRICHING EXPERIENCE


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