From today onwards I will be starting a series recording my fitness journey .

I have been a little overweight for a couple years now but the muscle memory exists as I did have a toned stomach back in the day .

I will be posting my workouts , written form , the routine and the diet I followed that day .

Now , as we are all quarantined , I have taken up Yoga in the early morning because of the ample time in my hands ! Once , the daily routine starts again , college starts again , the morning yoga will stop but it will be done later in the day . But yoga isn’t going anywhere , I’m loving it !

When I was in 9th grade , I got my dad to buy me some 5kg dumbbells , they are getting their dust off of them nowadays 😂 . That’s because I visit the gym and don’t home gym .

I started to keep my diet on the low low since last year as , Calorie Deficit 🤷🏻‍♂️

Also my diet isn’t a particular followed diet that I have every single day although I hope to have that some day but it is just food that has been cooked at home but in restrained portions .

Now , I am from India ! So I will be explaining what the meal is but as days pass by and as you see how much of a fuzzy eater I am , you will be knowing what the dish is in no time 😋

I hope that you guys enjoy my journey , we are in this together and also hopefully you get inspired a bit !

P.s. I made the thumbnail on Paint and I think it’s jokes xD

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