The whole world’s free , still a lot to do

Oh , What to do ? What to do ?

© TheVoiced

  • That Awkward Moment #13
    That awkward moment when everyone else is laughing but you missed out on the joke and are like ,”What just…
  • Home
    Home !Someplace you feel like your own .Someplace you live with your own .Someplace you care of your own .It’s…
  • Fast Paced World
    A little slowing down was required in this fast paced world .The pandemic was required to slow down and introspect…
  • Mind’s Abyss
    The night carries me to the abyss of my mind where the thoughts wander in oblivion . © TheVoiced 💚
  • The Moonlight
    The moon singsand the night plays with the heart’s strings ,Sonata of the moonlight . © TheVoiced 💚

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