We see alot of people maintaining their physical health to feel good about themselves and feel confident . But some rather neglect Mental Health and not really conscious about the effects , the symptoms and in denial of getting mentally unstable .

Mental health is equally important .

People can be affected by internal as well as external factors .

” Mental Health is a state of well-being in which an individual realises his or her own abilities , can cope with normal stresses of life , can work productively , and is able to make a contribution to his or her community . “

In these times of an epidemic with people having to be quarantined in their own houses , there is alot of times to think about things and it sometimes leads to overthinking , then stress , then anxiety , then their mental health starts to deprive .

It is very important to keep yourselves in check and also to see if others are coping as well .

Consult a professional !

If you find anyone depressed , highly anxious , make sure to reach out to them , help them cope , listen .

I hope you all are doing well .

You can reach out to me on Instagram and we can have a chat .

RIP Sushant Singh Rajput 💚


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