MY EXPERIENCE IN LOCKDOWN – Peoples’ Perspective

A random thought entered my mind , ” How would people react to a simple question ? ” that is :

“How is lockdown treating you ?”

How will people from different walks of life react or will have to say about the current situation ?

A Senior Citizen

Me : How is lockdown treating you ?

Grand Elder : Life’s going on as it was earlier , with a roller-coaster of emotions – worry , relief , sorrow & joy .

I have been glued to a T.V. , thanks to it life is alot easier .

A Young Child

Me : How is lockdown treating you ?

Child : All’s well ! What is there to worry about ? I’m having the time of my life !

Watching cartoons all day , checking out YouTube , playing mobile games , I can go on !

Although I am missing going out to the park to play with my friends …

A Teen

Me : How is lockdown treating you ?

Teen : I’m just so bored man . I got nothing to do with my life right now .

Missing out on the fun stuff . Although a little happy and relieved from the constant stress i.e , studies .

Thankfully , Netflix and Prime are there for the rescue , right ?

A Young Adult (18-25)

Me : How’s lockdown treating you ?

Them : It’s all good . I’ve picked up some new hobbies , learned some new things that I plan to carry on .

I am pretty bummed out on missing out on experiences , whether it’s fun or job related .

A Working Mom

Me : How’s lockdown treating you ?

Them : What do you think huh ?

Me : Um , I know it has been really hard for you but hang in there , just a matter of time ! Hopefully your family is there to chip in !

Them : I feel like I’ve turned into Wonder Woman !

Me : Certainly , hats off to you and your efforts !

Some fictitious people explaining how their life has been affected .

Be there for each other in these difficult times and we all will pull through !

Have a good day !

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