You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.

Such a beautiful quote for our daily motivation and whenever we are down!

Research Work – A Slum Visit !

Today our college’s society – Enactus went to a slum for some research work trying to know more about the residents’ lives , the difficulties faced by them and the relief given to them by the government .

It was an enriching experience and a unique one ! Talking to these people who were born in these situations and have not been able to fully get out if it was something else . One would think these people would be cursing life and not be happy but it was the exact opposite . People were earning adequate income to run their family , children went to schools and were happy , some aspire to be doctors .

There obviously were some problems like clean water in some places and children landing into drugs but the want for improvement and hope was seen in their eyes .

Fighting Back the Fracture…

I recently shifted houses in the same city and that meant all my progress in the gym gone because finding a new gym , which works for me is personally difficult .

Now that I have , the process of making friends starts again .

I talked to this guy and asked him how long he has been working out for and he said 9 years . He had an accident 2 years ago and got a cervical fracture and lost all his progress .

Seeing him motivates me to work more hard and push my limits .