You’ve got nobody in this whole world
No friends and No family
You’ve got to remember , you’re all alone
fighting against all odds
trying to prove them all wrong .

So, show some courage
Show some strength
Show them what you’re made of ,
Show them what you had meant .


I’ve been waiting for so long ,

at least now just please answer me .

Have I done anything wrong ?

put me out of this whole misery .


I was there when you needed ,

no one else came when you pleaded .

I was there standing next to you ,

even when you lost all hope and felt you were defeated .


It is not often that 

I fall in love with someone ,

the first time we meet 

but with you , we just clicked .


We talked and talked for hours 

my favourite colour ,

your favourite flowers .

Everything was just so perfect 

that we didn’t even get to know 

when my hand was in yours .




Was it worth it ?

To show much love

Was it worth it ?

To help so much .

Was it worth it ?

To be so kind .

Was it worth it ?

To respond to the whines.

Was it worth it ?

To put such effort and grind .

Was it worth it ?

To give so much of my while .


I think it was ,

when I saw on that face 

a Big , Fat Smile .


In this changing world

there is no social contact .

People don’t talk anymore ,

they don’t even interact .


Everyone is stuck to their technology ,

they are busy with their own lives .

They have lost all connectivity ,

no one responds to one’s cries .


No one expresses through their face ,

so no emotions can be traced .

Chats restricted to a 100 emojis ,

covering faces on their insta stories .