A man is stranded on an island for years and makes a football his friend and names it Wilson .
While returning him to his home certain events took place which led to his friend , Wilson , being left behind and the man (Tom Hanks) starts crying his eyes out.
The time when he should be the most happiest person in the world for returning home after years is the time when he is crying for losing a superficial friend .

This scene had a very strong message that you start appreciating every little thing in your life when stuck in a difficult situation .

What to do when you’re Angry or Bored ?!?

When you are feeling bored or angry when your partners in shopping are taking too long and just roaming around a big shop aimlessly (in my case , my parents ) , all you Need is Something Simple !

Try to light up others’ day so you feel a little better about yours !

Start a conversation with a random stranger , make them feel recognised and appreciated ( try to find people working , like I do )

So I started a conversation with the security guard of this shop in the mall . I asked him about his job , his routine , the reporting time and the closing time , so just stuff mostly about him as you want them to share more and just listen to them quietly .

Doing this sometimes makes you more appreciative of what you have and gain an experience of life consisting real struggle .