I don’t care how hard being together is , nothing is worse than being apart .

No one likes to be far from their loved ones


Suicide is not an option .
No matter what the situation is like .
No matter how the people are .
No matter what you feel like .
You have a lot to live for ,
people care , people love
and somewhere beneath you care .

If you or someone you know is struggling , you are not alone.
Suicide is NOT an option .

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Society oh society !
This word’s got us crippled .

Religion ? Which religion ?
I care about the people .

Castes ? Which caste ?
The one which differentiates me from the mast .

Race ? Which race ?
The flag itself is a mix of both black and white .

Ethnicity ? Which ethnicity ?
As if I care about their past .

Society creates stereotypes .
Individual identity is lost .

I wish …

I wish I was there for her ,

when she needed me .

I wish I could care for her ,

when she would plead for it .

I wish I listened , for a moment ,

what she wanted to say .

I wish I just sat by her ,

and not just walk away .

I just wish , to turn things around ,

but we can’t be the same .


It was just a daily casual conversation with my grandparents and something came to my mind . I should find out if they ever said ”I love you” to each other because they had an arranged marriage . 

I asked my daddy ( what I address my grandpa as ) , ‘When is your 51st wedding anniversary ? ‘ . He replied , ‘9th December or is it 10th ( while looking at grandma ) ‘ . A typical husband xD .

Then I asked him , ‘How much do you talk to her on an average day ? ‘ and he replied ,’I do not wish to intrude her.’ . A typical husband xD.

Finally I asked them , ‘ Have you ever said I love you to each other ? ‘ . Awkward silence dawned for a while . Then both of them ignored it and told me , ‘Keep quiet and study !’ . 

They are one of the cutest couple , fight with each other , irritate each other but still care for each other !