You smell like…

You smell like the future that I can’t wait to live ,
You smell like the scent that makes old books smell fresh ,
You smell like the soil right after the rain hits its face .

Pursuit of Happyness

Don’t ever let anybody tell you , you can’t do something .

There is no one else but you stopping you to do something .

If you’ve got a dream , you have got to protect and see it till you live it .

When people can’t do something themselves , they wanna tell you that you can’t do it either .

But if you REALLY WANT something , GO GET IT !


I don’t want to grow up 

can’t life just stop itself .

I want to stay in this moment 

take it all in , with a deep breath .

Let me live , life 

live to the fullest .

Let me be immature 

and a little bit childish .

Can’t I just stay here 

and enjoy every bit of it .

Time , will you please stop

and just …. let me live ?!